Jo Frost, perhaps best known as Nanny Jo from her wildly popular series Supernanny and Family S.O.S. With Jo Frost, has continued to advise troubled parents in a variety of ways. With over 30 years of professional nanny experience, the British native made a splash with her debut on American television, but what has she been up to since those shows went off the air? There’s been a ton of personal and professional developments in her life, and she’s even made comments about starting a family of her own one day. 

What’s ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost Doing Today?

For years, Supernanny’s Jo Frost advised parents on both sides of the Atlantic oceans about how to raise and discipline their children with love and consistency. Though she seemed like a typical no-nonsense British nanny, audiences fell in love with her warmth and utter adoration of the charges in her care. 

Despite sometimes clashing with parents over her methods, Frost ultimately tried to leave each family she worked with better off than they were before her visit. Supernanny ran on ABC for six years before being replaced by a spinoff on Lifetime titled America’s Supernanny, also known as America’s Supernanny: Family Lockdown, though the nanny in the latter show was Deborah Tillman, not Frost. 

In March 2019, Lifetime announced that they were rebooting the popular family documentary-style reality show, with new episodes premiering on January 1, 2020. The season is 20 episodes long, with the first 10 airing in 2020 and the rest coming a year later in March 2021. 

The new series is also named Supernanny. Between these hit reality shows, Frost has continued to advise parents through her six published books, many of which focus on those difficult toddler years, including Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules, Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care, and Jo Frost’s Toddler SOS.

Frost On Starting A Family With Husband Darrin Jackson

Both professionally and personally, Frost has had a lot of wins over the years. In a 2020 interview with Express, Frost revealed that she’d gotten married to her longtime friend, Darrin Jackson, “a few years ago.” When asked if she thought there might be children in the new couple’s future, she admitted that the idea of having kids “seems nice,” but didn’t seem to be in any hurry to add a couple of kiddos to her family. “The idea of kids seems nice but we’ve never been in the space where we’ve said, ‘Let’s have children,’” she explained.

Regardless of their future plans for their family, Frost is clearly head over heels in love with Jackson, who she once told the Mirror was a “strong support” for her while she was busy with work commitments. She added, “He has a good heart. He gets what I do and is a real cheerleader for it.” Whatever the future holds for the beloved Nanny Jo, we think she’ll face it with the determination, heartfelt warmth, and discipline that she’s known for.

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