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Anumber of white students were recently suspended from a Texas high school after they recorded themselves engaging in what appeared to be some kind of n-word chant-along activity. It’s as if they belonged to some kind of Klan Jr. club and they were competing to see who could best disprove the notion that racism will die out with older generations of white people (not that it needs further disproving. Or maybe they just bear so much resentment for the melanated that they ended up with their tongues tied into nooses so the n-word was the only thing they could say.

Either way, the school claims the little American History Xs are suspended and are facing a disciplinary hearing.

“It did happen. We will not tolerate this. The students will be disciplined. The students have been suspended and a disciplinary hearing is pending,” Sally Andrews a spokesperson with the Vidor Independent School District in Vidor, Texas, told 12 News.

The video, of course, has been making the rounds on social media, One Twitter user, a Black woman who goes by the handle @caileneasely, shared the KK-Kids video and also filmed herself alerting Vidor High School to it.

The video mostly shows a few Beckys with the burnt crosses gleefully repeating the slur like they thought saying it enough times would give them some kind of white supremacist mutant powers. One girl can be heard complaining in a mocking tone that her “socks are kind of dirty” and she needs “some new socks.” Then one of her fellow entitled Klan-teens who thinks the world is her plantation poked her head in the camera to randomly say, “F***king n***ers.” That part was confusing. Like—are they expecting Black people to get them a fresh pair of socks? Are we supposed to be picking the cotton used to weave sad socks? Do white people even wash their feet?

Anyway, the video also included screenshots of group messages that appeared to be from white students continuing to vent their rage at Black people’s existence. The texts included ape photos, more racial slurs, and more mocking of Black people. It was like a digital “Tiki Torches for Teens” rally.

One message read on camera by @caileneasely appeared to be directed at Black students.

“I respect Black people and know and know they’re not going to kill you over here,” the message read. “We respect y’all, but not anymore because y’all are coming at us for things and that y’all know everything.”

Sounds like white kids got called out for racism and now they’re lashing out by, well, being racist as hell. Sounds about white.

So, here’s a statement by Vidor ISD Superintendent Jay Killgo:

Earlier this week, Vidor ISD received a video of extremely inappropriate behavior of high school students making racial comments in the hallways. The students were immediately addressed with discipline consequences and hearings are scheduled to determine future punishment. The comments made were unacceptable and are not condoned by VISD. This was a poor reflection of our student body by a handful of students. We will always be vigilant about addressing this type of behavior and creating a respectful environment for everyone.


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