Who Is Pool Swimmer Anita Alvarez? Find Out What Happened To Her
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Anita Alvarez, a swimmer, fainted in the water yesterday as she finished her routine at the World Championship. She had to be pulled out of a pool in Budapest.

Thanks to coach Andrea Fuentes who was quick to jump into the water to save her from sinking, the athlete is now recovering wellLifeguards were inattentive as 25-year-old Alvarez sank to the bottom of the pool.

Many people praised the coach for her quick response, which saved a life. However, for the swimmer and the coach, it was not a new thing.

A similar incident happened with her last year as well. The swimmer fainted in the water during an Olympics qualifying event in Barcelona last year, and Fuentes was seen rushing in and bringing her to safety. And this is the second time she has saved her life.

The horrible occurrence clearly upset the American swim team, and they were afterward spotted comforting one another alongside the pool. The coach started to panic when the swimmer went down and did not respond.

Usually, the first that a swimmer would want to do after finishing their routine is to breathe. Thus, she saw that Alvarez was not breathing and jumped into the pool to save her as quickly as possible, as per Daily Mail.

After saving her, the coach had a brief interview where she shared that Alvarez was “not breathing” when Fuentes arrived, but she was later revived and examined for injury symptoms. She is currently doing much better and will be swimming in the finals.

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