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Carrie Fisher minced no words when she told her husband at the time, Paul Simon, she didn’t like him while they were on their honeymoon. For those of you who may not know, Fisher played Princess Leia in Star Wars and Simon was one half of the massively popular folk music duo, Simon and Garfunkel. They were also a very iconic couple in the ’70s whose relationship was turbulent at best and completely toxic at its worst. Simon wrote the song “Hearts & Bones” about their tumultuous relationship.

Love Hurts

Both Fisher and Simon were quite the serial daters, with very long lists of names they both had dated over the years. But when actress Shelley Duvall who played the mom in The Shining introduced them, sparks flew immediately. The couple took to Studio 54, which was the go-to hotspot at the time, and they danced the night away. Dancing was something Simon was known to avoid normally, but in this case, was crucial to him winning over Fisher.

So the two dated and broke up and dated some more and broke up some more and then they dated some more and then finally decided on a whim to get married. It went about as well as you would expect based on what you’ve read so far.

Honey-less Moon

For the two, fighting was pretty common, and it all erupted on their honeymoon, where they continued to argue non-stop. In her autobiography, Wishful Drinking, Fisher tells of one fight in particular on the vacation that stood out to her. One where she made her feelings pretty clear to the singer. yelling, “Not only do I not like you, I don’t like you personally!”

Though it may sound harsh, the reality is, the statement was so over-the-top that the two couldn’t continue arguing after that and just cracked up. But the damage between the two could sadly not be undone. They broke up just 11 months after getting married.

A Bad Trip

This whole caustic relationship came to a head in the worst ways, like when the two were in the Amazon jungle and decided to ingest some hallucinogenic tea. Fisher talks about how she had visions of Simon just standing over her, his eyes wide, controlling everything she did. She realized at the time he was not good for her, while also realizing she had some serious issues of her own. Fisher went to say:

“I’m not good at relationships. I’m not cooperative enough. I couldn’t give him the peace that he needed. Also, it’s interesting when you’re with another celebrity. The issue of celebrity becomes neutralized and you can get onto your bigger problems. We both had very interesting fights. It’s all a shame, because he and I were very good together in the ways that we were good. But like I said, I don’t supply someone with a really peaceful home.”

The reality is these two were just not a good fit, and it took them a good year of confrontations and problems for them to own that. Sadly, Fisher passed away in 2016, but Simon and Fisher had found peace in their later years, and that is all anyone can ask for.

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