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NBCUniversal has announced that they bear no responsibility in a sexual assault case being brought against former Saturday Night Live star Horatio Sanz claiming he allegedly groomed and sexually assaulted a teenage girl. 

NBC Claims They Were Not Aware Of The Situation And That Sanz Was ‘Off The Clock’

The network is arguing that, since the comedian was “off the clock” when the incidents occurred, the network should not be held responsible in any way. According to papers filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, the network says they are not liable for what Sanz did “after hours” when he “was not performing his job.” 

The filings also said that there is no evidence that NBC knew about Sanz’s “alleged predatory behavior.” They also claim the alleged victim—identified only as Jane Doe in the court documents—did not tell anyone at NBC about what happened at the time. NBCUniversal is asking a judge to throw out the woman’s claims. 

NBCUniversal and Saturday Night Live were named as co-defendants in the lawsuit, and Doe claims that everyone on the show, including Lorne Michaels, knew what was happening between the pair.

The Allegations Against Sanz

Sanz’s accuser claims that the two struck up a friendship after he and co-star Jimmy Fallon emailed her to thank her for creating a fan page for Fallon. She was 15 at the time. She began attending SNL afterparties and was friends with the rest of the cast; she claims Fallon helped her prepare for the SATs. 

Jane Doe claims she was given alcohol at the SNL parties and that Sanz made her feel reliant on him; she wanted to work for the show someday. The relationship deteriorated soon after Sanz allegedly sexually assaulted her, but the two remained in contact. Sanz even privately apologized to her before the lawsuit, saying, “It was wrong. I was wrong.”

Sanz has denied all allegations against him and has filed a response to her case, which was brought under the New York Child Victims’ Act, a “look-back” window that allows alleged victims to file suit, regardless of when the assault took place. The alleged assault took place in the early 2000s. 

The comedian claims that this act is unconstitutional and is interfering with his right to due process. Jane Doe’s lawyer declined to comment on NBCUniversal’s filing, and it’s unknown whether or not the case will be tossed out. 

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