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Why Neo Tiam Ting Was Arrested? Bentley Driver Name And Identity Revealed Who Got Arrested In Singapore

The Bentley driver’s identity has been rumored to be Neo Tiam Ting, but this is false because Neo has already spoken out against the idea in a Facebook post.

Neo Tiam Ting Arrested? Bentley Driver Name And Identity Revealed Who Got Arrested In Singapore

Neo Tiam Ting, a Singaporean, gained headlines after being linked to an impulsive behavior incident that resulted in harm. He isn’t the one, though, because the identity of the Bentley driver has yet to be determined.

In a notice on Tuesday evening, the police said they had been cautioned at about 11.40 am to what occurred in Bedok North Avenue 3. The tape went viral on social media platforms, and Neo Tiam Ting got linked with it.

Who Is Neo Tiam Ting?

Neo Tiam Ting grew up in Singapore and worked at Think One Automobile & Trading Pte Ltd. After the incident involving the Bentley driver made news on the internet, he was thrust into the limelight.

People assumed he was the owner of a Bentley. However, this is untrue because Ting is not the owner of Bentley. Ting just spoke up about the event on Facebook.

Neo stated that he has been tagged and messaged by a number of people alleging that he is involved in the incident involving a Bentley driver outside Red Swastika School on January 11, 2022.

But he has said that Neo is not the owner of Bentley. People just made claims about him, but Neo also revealed that he had made a Police report against them. So, we cant point, anyone, without the fact news.

Moreover, Neo is a busy guy who is happy with his own family. Also, his Facebook profile says he has been married to his wife since November 1999.

Bentley Driver Name And Identity Revealed

The name and identity of the Bentley driver have yet to be confirmed. Who exactly owns the automobile is unknown to us. However, the investigation is still ongoing, and the identity of the suspect will almost certainly be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, on the internet, people are making various assumptions and accusing the incorrect individual. Furthermore, Stomper Lenny recorded the incident on tape and freely released it.

She claimed that a guy driver in his 50s or 60s driving a Bentley persuaded her to enter Red Swastika School without a legal car label and threatened to run down the security guard.

Bentley driver, 61, arrested for rash act causing hurt

— (@MothershipSG) January 11, 2022

Why Is Bentley Driver Arrested?

Bentley driver is reported to be a student’s grandfather who was arrested on suspicion of recklessly compelling harm to others after driving a Bentley limousine into Swazi School and hitting a security guard.

Currently, he is assisting the police investigation. The 62-year-old security guard sorrowed minor injuries. This event caught many people’s eyes; even Education Minister Chan Chun Sing posted on Facebook saying the driver’s behavior was unacceptable.

So, the Ministry of Education has launched an investigation into the matter. All of us are waiting for the identity of the Bentley driver.

He is currently supporting authorities with their investigation. This incident drew the attention of many individuals, including Education Minister Chan Chun Sing, who remarked on Facebook that the driver’s actions were wrong.

As a result, the Ministry of Education has begun an investigation. We’re all waiting to find out who the Bentley driver is.

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