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Princess Diana spent her girlhood in two enormous family estates thanks to her parents’ divorce, but will her sons Prince William and Prince Harry inherit the home where she spent her youth before marrying their father Prince Charles? The Althorp House, where Diana is buried, holds a lot of sentiment and importance to the Spencer family, but who stands to inherit the manor after Diana’s brother Earl Charles Spencer?

All About Princess Diana’s Childhood Home

Princess Diana was born at Park House, which is located in Sandringham, Norfolk. Her family leased the property from Queen Elizabeth II as an example of how close the two families were to each other. The queen and her family, including Diana’s future husband Prince Charles, would often spend holidays at the nearby Sandringham House. Diana reportedly often played with Prince Andrew and Edward, who were closer in age to her growing up. 

When Diana was about 7 years old, however, her parents divorced and though she spent a year in London with her mother, Frances Spencer (later Shand Kydd after she remarried in 1969), her father John Spencer was awarded custody and Diana returned to Park House. She remained there until her father inherited his title of Earl Spencer in 1975 and subsequently moved the family to Althrop house. 

A Gorgeous Estate For A Growing Young Lady


Althorp House, as the seat of the Spencer family, passed from Princess Diana’s father to her younger brother Charles Spencer, following the family’s tradition of passing inheritances through the eldest male heir. This was the same tradition the royal family used to follow to determine the next heir in line to the throne before dropping that model to follow birth order, regardless of gender, instead. 

Why Prince Harry, William Won’t Inherit

Charles Spencer is the current owner of Althorp House, and since he’s the father of seven children spread across his three marriages, it seems likely that one of his children will inherit the property before his nephews Prince William and Harry will even be considered. It’s currently unknown whether Charles will follow his family’s old tradition of passing his title, and thus Althorp House, to his firstborn son, Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, but it seems likely. Even if Louis weren’t to inherit, Charles has another son not to mention five daughters who are ahead of Diana’s sons. 

Althorp House is the final resting place for Princess Diana, so the property is undoubtedly a very important location for both William and Harry, even if they never inherit the grounds themselves. Diana is buried on a small island at the center of an ornamental oval lake on the grounds, a place of perfect peace for the People’s Princess.

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