Woman in the Florida Keys bitten by shark
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The woman was airlifted to a hospital in Miami, Monroe County Fire Rescue said.

SUMMERLAND KEY, Fla. — The video attached to this story is from a previous, unrelated report.

A woman jumped off a boat on Summerland Key Wednesday afternoon and surfaced with a large laceration, Monroe County Fire Rescue wrote in a Facebook post. 

The cause of the laceration is a threat that every swimmer fears: A shark. 

MCFR says those aboard the boat applied pressure and a tourniquet, stopping more bleeding until first responders could arrive.

The woman was taken to the Summerland Key airport and airlifted to a Miami hospital, MCFR said. She was able to receive blood transfusions onboard the helicopter, which helped to stabilize her condition. 

The Miami hospital confirmed that the injury was a shark bite.

A 17-year-old girl named Addison Bethea was also bitten by a shark Thursday.

This incident occured on Keaton Beach in Taylor County Thursday, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said. 

That incident also involved a bite to the leg: Bethea was bitten on the right thigh. 

She is undergoing multiple surgeries, according to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, with her second surgery scheduled for Saturday. 

Florida is the shark bite capital in the world — specifically Volusia, Florida. According to a report by the International Shark Attack File, shark bites increased in 2021 for the first time in three years, with 73 unprovoked shark bites globally (nine fatal).

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