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Luxury Airbnbs make the Bellagio and Waldorf look boring and weak. High-end rentals offer unique stays, scenery, and total privacy. It’s like playing house, except the “house” is an oceanfront mansion. 

Of course, luxury comes with a hefty price tag. These Airbnbs are thousands of dollars over budget for many–this writer included. But hey, it’s fun to dream, right?

Plus, those nightly fees don’t seem as bad when split amongst friends. So, the real question is: how amazing does an Airbnb have to be for you to spend ten grand a night? 

We rounded up some of the most expensive Airbnb rentals available. Are they way overpriced or worth every penny?

Joshua Tree Folly: An Off-Grid Oasis

Nighttime view of open air bedroom and starry night sky in Joshua Tree

Unsurprisingly, many of the most expensive Airbnbs are in California. This off-grid oasis plopped in the center of Joshua Tree is no exception.

For $1,040 a night (and about $2,000 in additional fees), you get a tiny sliver of Western paradise. The unassuming cabins hide breathtaking interiors. But the real star of the show is the scenery. 

This Airbnb is nestled in the mountains, offering soaring views from every window. Its most attractive feature is an open-air bedroom for stargazing. Don’t worry about that chilly desert air, either—the mattress is heated. 

Smart TVs, a rain shower, fire pit, Bocce court, and hammocks are also included with the rental. If you somehow get the urge to leave this Airbnb (but honestly, who would?), it’s just a short drive away from restaurants, galleries, and live music. 

This rental can host up to eight people, which would make the final price of a week’s stay $1,155 per person. That breaks down to about $165 per day for each individual. That’s not too shabby for an oasis.

Imagika Malibu: California Dreamhouse

Malibu playhouse yard filled with plants and strange architecture

If you have money to blow in the Golden State, then you could splurge an extra four grand for this abstract funhouse in Malibu. The listing labels this rental as a “castle,” but this home is anything but medieval. 

At 10,000 square feet, the rental could easily pass for an art museum. You’re certainly welcome to use all that space, too—this listing allows parties of 25 or more. Is this what being a superstar feels like? Probably. 

The Malibu dreamhouse features solariums, firepits, and spacious rooms. Every area is oriented toward an unbelievable view of the Pacific Ocean. Blue stretches all the way to the horizon. And when the sun sets, you’ll always have the best seat in the house. 

The experience of this home is vacation enough as it is. And it’s a good thing too because one week’s stay will set you back $13,536. Keep in mind, though, this place can sleep 16 people. 

So, each lucky guest would only have to pay $846 for the week. I’m not saying you should fly out to Malibu with your entire crew, but I’m also not not saying that.

Telluride Retreat: An Architectural Masterpiece

External view of residential airbnb home in Telluride
(Jon-Marc and Gigi/Airbnb)

In the mood for something a little more wintry? Look no further than this stunning mountaintop rental in Telluride, Colorado. For $2,500 a night, you can enjoy Rocky Mountain views in a lush aspen forest. 

The newly remodeled mountain home features stunning floor-to-ceiling windows. Forget wall decor; you get jaw-dropping views of Wilson Peak instead. (If they look familiar, you’re not mistaken. They’re the same mountains from the Coors Light logo.)

The rental also includes state-of-the-art appliances, including a built-in fridge and in-floor heating that’ll keep your toes toasty on the coldest of Colorado days. And if you need some more warmth, hop in the master suite’s Jacuzzi tub. 

You’ll want to make a playlist (or three) for this trip, too. This Airbnb boasts a $10,000 Sonos music system throughout the house. Your travel Bluetooth speaker could never. 

Fees included, this rental will set you back $19,243 for a week’s stay. Sure, it’s a royal price—but it’s a royal stay, too.

Floridian Funhouse: Mansion Yacht

A mansion yacht in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida coast

Luxury laughs in the face of functionality. When it comes to creating ultra-luxe homes, it isn’t a question of why, but why not. Why not outfit a yacht as a high-end rental? Why not put it on stilts and dock it off a sandbar? 

Luckily, the owner of this Floridian mansion yacht couldn’t find a good reason not to. So now, anyone can experience pure decadence for just $10,000 a night. For the cost of a small Midwestern home, you can spend a week in a floating boat. 

The yacht’s interior is neutral and modern. But this rental’s best feature is its 360º views. On one side of the rental, you have the Atlantic stretching out for miles. On the other, you look out onto a private sandbar. 

The spacious boat has three bedrooms, dining space for 12, and a chef’s kitchen. There’s also a theater and game room, outdoor terrace, and rooftop lounge. 

One week in this oceanic getaway costs a whopping $80,720. But don’t worry, you get a $7,000 discount for staying the whole week.

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