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No Movies On Netflix Were More Popular Than These 10 Movies In June

For years, Netflix kept its streaming numbers behind closed doors. Sure, we knew which shows and movies had gone viral based on social media presence and word-of-mouth. But until 2020, we truly had no idea what content was dominating the world’s most popular streaming service.

That is until Netflix introduced the Top 10 feature—our first true peak behind the digital curtain. Thanks to this list (which is updated daily), we know what movies and shows are dominating the application.

Which is huge. Because if you’re dominating Netflix? Then you’re likely dominating the entire streaming realm.

But it’s not enough to know which movies are commanding Netflix from day to day. Thanks to a simple system which allows me to keep track of the Daily Top 10, I am also able to monitor which movies are streamed the most each month. With this formula, I can track Netflix’s streaming numbers just like we’re able to track box office performance. (Note: that story linked above outlines the point system I’ll use in this article.)

So I’m going to do just that: let’s count down the ten most-streamed Netflix movies during the month of June. This article will provide more insight into each of those films and how many points each of those movies earned.

Note: I will also include where each movie ranks in the “All-Time Top 10.” This is a grander system that ranks every movie that has appeared on Netflix’s Daily Top 10 since the feature was introduced back in late February.

10. The Healer – 64 points

The Healer is a bit of an anomaly for this list. The movie only appeared in the Daily Top 10 list nine out the month’s 30 days, but ranked highly enough each of those days to eke its way into the June Top 10. The film spent two days in the #1 position after its premiere on June 2, but had exited the Daily Top 10 altogether by June 10.

On the All-Time Top 10, The Healer ranks in 40th place.

9. Lost Bullet – 65 points

Lost Bullet may have never hit the #1 spot on the Daily Top 10, but the Netflix-produced movie managed to rank in the top five enough to muster together 65 points. The film reached its peak on June 20 in second place. It then remained on the Daily Top 10 until June 29.

On the All-Time Top 10, Lost Bullet ranks in 39th place.

8. Clueless – 73 points

Clueless is officially the only movie from the 20th Century to rank in the June Top 10. The cult hit from Amy Heckerling made its Daily Top 10 debut on June 2 when it premiered in third place. The Alicia Silverstone movie reached its peak on June 4 in second place, and would remain on the Daily Top 10 for 15 straight days.

On the All-Time Top 10, Clueless ranks in 35th place.

7. Da 5 Bloods – 84 points

This is a pretty low ranking for a film that spent three days in the #1 position on the Daily Top 10. Spike Lee’s latest feature Da 5 Bloods was the first movie to dethrone 365 Days from its reign in first place. Da 5 Bloods would remain in that top spot for two more days, after which the movie quickly exited the Daily Top 10 altogether. In total, the movie only spent 11 days on the daily charts.

On the All-Time Top 10, Da 5 Bloods ranks in 27th place.

6. The Last Days of American Crime – 87 points

Perhaps no Netflix movie had a quicker fall from grace than The Last Days of American Crime during June. After opening to a four-day streak at #1 back on June 5, poor reviews doomed the crime thriller and it began to descend in the rankings. By June 15, the movie had completely exited the Daily Top 10.

On the All-Time Top 10, The Last Days of American Crime ranks in 26th place.

5. Feel the Beat – 88 points

Feel the Beat has only been eligible for the Daily Top 10 for 12 days—but has spent every one of those days in a high spot on the charts. After premiering in the #2 position back on June 19, the dance film has remained on the charts and spent eight of its 12 days in the top three spots.

On the All-Time Top 10, Feel the Beat ranks in 25th place.

4. The Nut Job – 91 points

It should be no surprise to see The Nut Job—a film from 2014—rank so highly on the June Top 10. Animated movies have historically performed very well on Netflix, and The Nut Job was the second movie to remove 365 Days from the #1 position in June. Of its 12 days on the charts, The Nut Job has spent 10 of them in the top four—including two days at the #1 position.

On the All-Time Top 10, The Nut Job ranks in 23rd place.

3. The Help – 103 points

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this list is The Help, which enjoyed some renewed popularity in light of the national protests for racial justice. The film entered the Daily Top 10 on June 1 and spent one day in the top spot. The movie would then remain on the list all the way until June 18.

On the All-Time Top 10, The Help ranks in 15th place.

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – 110 points

This animated feature from Phil Lord and Chris Miller has always had a bit of a cult following. That popularity was confirmed on June 4 when the movie made its premiere on the Daily Top 10 in fourth place. And while the movie never reached #1, the animated film always ranked very highly during its 16-day run.

On the All-Time Top 10, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs ranks in 13th place.

1. 365 Days – 200 points

How surprised are you? Not at all? Yeah, that’s what I thought. With 200 points, the surprise hit of the summer completely obliterated any and all competition.

365 Days shocked everyone by debuting in the #1 spot back on June 9. During its run, the film achieved a few different Netflix milestones and reclaimed the top position three different timessomething no other movie has ever done on Netflix. 365 Days achieved a seven-day streak at #1 (something only four other movies have ever done) and 12 total days in the top spot (something only one other movie, Spenser Confidential, has ever done).

On the All-Time Top 10, 365 Days ranks in fourth place.

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