Is Masked Singer BoyWithUke Asian Origin? His Real Name, Face Reveal & Face Mask Meaning 
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The social media sensation, Boywithyuke has not yet revealed his real name or identity and has not provided any information to the media or public. Fans are still in the mystery about the man behind a mask.


Boywithuke during his concert
Boywithuke during his concert ( Source : Facebook )


He expressed his insecurity, and the mask somehow gives him a confidence boost where he can be himself while wearing the mask without fear of being evaluated by others. And he believes people would rather be more engaged in the music than his look.

Among the tracks that have made him renowned as a masked rapper and social media celebrity is “Toxic,” “IDGAF,” and “Long Drives.” He rose to notoriety on TikTok, where his videos quickly became famous.

He has 5.3 million followers on his Tiktok, nearly a million increment than earlier this year. He debuted on TikTok in September of 2020. His first post includes a scene from an anime posted by but with his song played in the background, which he made in his garage.

@boywithukePls watch until the end

♬ original sound – boywithuke


He started his career on TikTok by singing ukulele covers and mashups. In April 2022, he had over 12.5 million monthly listeners on his verified artist page on Spotify. Serotonin Dreams, his debut album, was released in May 2022.

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