What Happened To Ellen Barkin -Left Animal Kingdom? Amber Heard Witness
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On week 5 of the defamation trial, Amber Heard’s witnesses testified about her turbulent relationship with ex-husband Johnny Depp and other topics.

Whitney Heard Henriquez, Amber’s sister, is the first witness to testify that she saw Johnny attack Amber during the five-week civil trial. Johnny has stated that he never hit Amber.

Whitney testified that the confrontation happened in March 2015, a month after Johnny and Amber’s wedding, when Amber discovered proof that Johnny had previously had an extramarital affair. According to Whitney, a drunken Depp blamed Heard for pushing him into the adulterous affair.



Also, on Wednesday, a friend of Amber, Raquel Pennington, testified that she witnessed the bruises and wounds caused by Johnny’s several acts of violence.

Raquel stated in a taped deposition played for jurors that she never saw Johnny strike Heard. But she said she observed the injuries and photographed Amber’s face in December 2015, following a confrontation in which Heard claims Johnny headbutted her and maybe fractured her nose.

The shot reveals a swollen nose, a cut lip, and two fairly black eyes on Amber’s face. She also photographed pieces of hair she said were pulled off Amber’s scalp.

Raquel’s testimony lends credence to some of the reported attacks. In addition to the December 2015 incident, Raquel stated that she saw wounds on Heard’s feet when she returned from a vacation to Australia in March 2015.

Amber testified that Johnny sexually attacked her with a liquor bottle on that trip and that the incident caused her to gash her foot on shattered glass.

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