Who Is Karen E Laine Husband Roger? Age Gap- Is She Older Than Her Husband?
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Who Is Karen E Laine Husband Roger? Karen E Laine, who appeared on HGTV’s Good Bones, is currently married to Roger.

Who Is Karen E Laine Husband Roger? Age Gap- Is She Older Than Her Husband?

She used to be a lawyer, and she now brings her legal knowledge, community awareness, and vivacious enthusiasm to the unique home-renovation team seen on HGTV’s Good Bones.

Good Bones, a reality television show based in Indianapolis, Indiana, starring Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk, airs on HGTV.

Since the Tv Personality has shown some promising talent even without the expertise in the subject. Her fans are now interested to learn about her personal life.


Who Is Karen E Laine Husband Roger?

Roger, the husband of Karen E Laine is popular for making some short appearances in the Good Bones.

He appeared in episode 8 of season 3 which was given the title, ‘A Backyard Barn for Karen.’ He was the star of the episode after he shocked his now-wife with a sign for her guest house.


Who is Rodgers, husband of Karen Laine?
Who is Rodgers, husband of Karen Laine? ( Source : Wechoiceblogger )


Roger made his first-ever appearance on the show in 2015. Karen posted on her Facebook saying they were together after she became 53.

The rumors say that the couple married on September 23 either 2015 or 2016 because she stated him as a husband on their wedding anniversary on September 23, 2017.

She also revealed that her spouse is younger than her which is important to keep up with her youthful energy.

Rodgers is a huge fan of traveling and riding his motorcycle, he also has a great taste in singing and music. He is also very serious about Scrabble, a word game.

Karen E Laine And Rodgers Age Gap- Is She Older Than Her Husband?

According to a post from Karen E Laine who is 59 in 2022, she is older than her husband Rodgers. She made a joke about needing a younger man to match her youthful enthusiasm.

The popular cast was born on October 8, 1962, in Richmond, Indiana, United States. There are many amusing posts regarding Roger and Karen’s tight relationship on her Facebook page.

The age difference between the couple has not affected their romantic relationship.

How Much Are Karen E Laine and Rodgers’ Net Worth in 2022?

As a defense attorney and television personality, Karen E Laine has marked her net worth quiet. She is estimated to earn $200k per year and have a net worth of around $1.5 million.


She progressed in her profession and eventually became a city attorney. After some time, she decided to enter the house remodeling industry. And later on, she started ” Two Chicks and a Hammer, Inc”. by which she earned a good amount of money.

The net worth of her husband is cleared yet. There are no details to support any statement regarding his earnings.

Do Karen E Laine And Rodgers Have Any Children? Family Details

Karen E Laine has been married four times. The first time she got hitched was to an orthopedic surgeon Casey Starsiak, who is a board-certified American. Laine and Casey had three kids together, one of which was Mina Starsiak.

Karen Laine wedded Randy after divorcing Casey, and the two had a daughter named Cheryl. After marrying Mick, Karen and Randy split up. The famous tv personality is thrilled to be the mother of four children from her several marriages.

She later met Roger after three failed marriages, and they have since had a lovely marriage.

The couple however does not have any children of their own.

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