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President Trump Says ‘Deck Is Stacked’ Against Him For Final Debate

In a telephone interview Tuesday morning on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends, President Trump accused Kristen Welker, the NBC journalist who will moderate the last presidential debate, of being “very unfair.” The president said he’s “not nervous” ahead of final face-to-face encounter with Joe Biden, but he believes it won’t be fair. “It’s a stacked deck,” the president said.

Mr. Trump said of the Commission on Presidential Debates “”these people are not good people, this commission.”

The president’s criticism of the debate commission comes after a decision to cut the microphones of both candidates while the other candidate is giving a two-minute answer to questions—this after the first presidential debate was ruled a chaotic mess as the president repeatedly interrupted Biden, and refused all efforts by the moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, to respect the rules.

The president’s attacks on Welker come just eight months after he congratulated her on being named co-host of NBC’s Weekend Today. In Davos, Switzerland, Mr. Trump said “congratulations on your new show…they made a very wise decision.”

The Trump campaign has also complained about the topics for Thursday’s debate, saying it should be shifted from topics including Covid-19 to include a focus on foreign policy.

Source: Forbes – Business

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