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Employee training is almost mandatory for any organization to ensure the employee performs well. But, some organizations do not offer training and expect their employees to perform well straight away which might lead to many issues in the future. 

Most startups might not be able to afford training, which is completely understandable. But, the cost of not providing training is more than providing. With many tools at affordable prices, organizations can offer training within a limited budget. It has many benefits like a high employee retention rate, improved productivity, and much more. If your employees are highly qualified and experienced, then you might not need to offer training as a few induction sessions would suffice which helps them to understand the workflow and culture. But, there are a few signs that indicate you must immediately offer training; which will be discussed below.

1)When the job requires a new skill:

When there is some change in the processes or regulations, you should provide relevant training to your employees. Most of your employees might be reluctant to change, but try to explain to them how it helps their career growth and also the organization. Sometimes, companies think that they would train their existing employees once they have hired more candidates. But, it’s not a great idea to make your employees do their job without relevant skills and wait for more people to save them. 

If you think providing training to different batches is not feasible, offer recorded video sessions to every batch so that you don’t need to conduct live sessions all the time. With digital tools, you can add all your content and do assessments with quizzes and assignments. For smooth onboarding, you have onboarding systems and for training you have LMS. 

2)Skill gaps:

When the quality of work drops down or when the employee cannot understand what your requirements are, then there is some skill gap. Identifying the skill gaps of your employees helps you to find out who needs training and who doesn’t. The skilled employee group can help the other employees who need to upgrade their skills and become more competent. 

3)Productivity issues:

A drop In productivity is another factor that indicates your employees need an upgrade. A drop in productivity can be influenced by various factors: introduction of new technology, sudden market change, increased customer demands, etc. Before you think of training, ensure you find the proper reason for the dip in productivity. If you can address the issue with training, only then go for training. You cannot address all the issues with training alone.

4)When you want to grow:

With a competitive market, increased customer demands, and advanced technologies; organizations must ensure they adapt to the change quickly so that they don’t fall behind. To address all these issues, you must find out relevant solutions and training is one of them. For instance, to satisfy your customer demands, you need a highly-skilled customer service team.

5)High employee turnover rate:

Your employees have many reasons to leave your company, lesser growth opportunities might be one of the reasons. If your employees feel that they are stuck at their job and there are no growth opportunities, then they are likely to look for better opportunities. 

6)Compliance regulations:

Changes in OSHA compliance guidelines indicate that your employees need more training. Abiding by the compliance issues ensures the highest level of safety at your workplace. 


The return on investment for training is high. It improves your employee’s productivity, makes them feel satisfied with their job and the organization would also benefit from a skilled workforce. Thus, when needed, organizations must provide training to their employees.

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