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Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Is It Cancelled?

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Ragnarok is an exciting Norwegian drama and mystery genre series for teens written by Adam Price and produced by Sam Productions for Netflix. The series currently features a single season.
Netflix has always thought of teens as one of its priority audiences. Of course, there is something for everyone on the platform, but the pre-adult audience is particularly well served. Ragnarok is a teenage drama that also carries a very interesting specificity: addressing Norse mythology. In its conception of an eclectic catalogue that relies on productions from all horizons, the firm gives opportunities to talents from dozens of countries.

Synopsis: What is Ragnarok about?


It is a series of events that include a great battle between gods and giants, causing death and natural disasters. This, in turn, causes the world to burn and then be submerged in water. After Ragnarok, the world is reborn, fertile, to be repopulated by two surviving humans, and the surviving gods return.

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The fantasy shows us Magne, who moves to a fictional town in Norway called Edda. The inhabitants of the city are proud of the natural beauty that surrounds them, which includes a dense forest, beautiful glaciers, majestic fjords, mountains, and vibrant houses. Magne soon realizes that the locals are not as good as they seem and that everyone is hiding a secret.

The city faces a dramatic and catastrophic problem. Glaciers melt rapidly, climate changes like warm winters and cold summers, and torrential rains.

Magne realizes that some people are the catalysts that are unleashing mysterious events. She must use her exceptional powers to prevent the extinction of the human race and the destruction of the world. Shee is accompanied by other teenagers from his new school, some of whom also seem to have powers.

When does Season 2 premiere?

It is challenging to predict when the new episodes will be available when the renewal of the second season of the series has not yet been confirmed. If Netflix greenlights the continuation of the story, it could follow an annual format launching Season 2 during the first quarter of 2021.

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