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Secret Netflix codes to access Valentine's Day movies on the streaming site

One of Netflix‘s many plus points is the seemingly endless variety it has on offer in its huge library of shows.

We could spend endless hours flicking through all the categories in the back catalogue trying to find something romantic to watch on Valentine’s Day.

However, the streaming giant has an entire list of secret codes to help users narrow down the library to find something to watch this February 14.

So, if you were searching for something romantic to watch this Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of Netflix’s secret codes to help you find your favourite movie for this evening.

Where can I find the Netflix codes?

Head over to and type in the code at the end of the URL.

Add the following codes manually into the address bar to access the specific genre page. 

However, the codes won’t work everywhere since it depends on your location and IP address.

What about watching Netflix on TV or mobile?

Because the codes require access to a URL, they will only work on a PC or laptop. 

But don’t fret because all you need to do is look up the code online and remember the specific genre for watching later on your TV.

Netflix secret codes

Feel-good Romantic Films: 35714

Films about Marriage: 18883

Romance: 8883

Romance Classics: 31273

Romantic: 100052

Romantic Comedies: 5475

Romantic Dramas: 1255

Romantic Favourites: 502675

Romantic Films: 8883

Romantic Gay Films: 413843

Romantic Independent Comedies: 5257

Romantic Teen Comedies: 3186

Romantic Teen Films: 1764

Steamy Romantic Films: 35800

Teen Romance: 53915

Teen Romance based on Books: 80183

Valentine’s Day Favourites: 1952249

Valentine’s Day Films: 50117

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