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Sewage Signals Covid-19 Outbreaks, A Project Led By The U.K. Government Says


Fragments of Covid-19 can be successfully detected in sewage, providing an early warning mechanism for disease outbreaks and a useful means of identifying large outbreaks of asymptomatic carriers, the British government said on Friday.

Key Facts

A government-led project, which was first launched in June, has now confirmed that fragments of Covid-19 genetic material can be detected in sewage. 

The government said it is sharing the information with NHS Test and Trace — England’s contact tracing system — and local authorities, who can prepare for an increase in cases and encourage greater care and more testing. 

The project is already a success, with sewer data identifying a spike in Covid-19 cases in one region despite there being relatively low numbers of people seeking tests.  

With this early success, the project has already been rolled out to cover around 22% of England’s population, with plans to expand in the future. 

Though fragments of Covid-19 can be detected in sewage, the WHO says the likelihood of contracting the disease through the sewer system is extremely low.

Key Background

There are now a number of studies documenting traces of Covid-19 in waste water, with early ones signalling the potential of this finding to track infections across a geographic area. The early successes of the English project highlight this potential, particularly in identifying otherwise hidden outbreaks. 

Crucial Quote

Environment Secretary George Eustice said the findings are a “significant step forward in giving us a clearer idea of infection rates… particularly in areas where there may be large numbers of people who aren’t showing any symptoms.”

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