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Shear madness: Botched home grooming amid coronavirus turns dog into ‘mini alpaca’

Howl he ever go out in public!

With lockdowns closing nonessential businesses, an Australian dog owner was forced to groom her Pomeranian on her own — and later posted hilarious photos of the aftermath on Instagram.

“Take it from @bossmash and wait until the professionals are back,” wrote Hermione Underwood in the Instagram caption.

Underwood, founder of jewelry company Atelier Romy, told the outlet Pedestrian.TV about the experience of grooming Mashi.

The fashionista took a trip to Pet Barn and bought a shiny new pair of clippers to cut the pup’s fur — but apparently, the blades were too wide, the outlet reported.

“Now he takes the back streets on his daily walk,” Underwood told the outlet.

Commenters have shamed the good boy for looking like a kangaroo, the Easter Bunny and even a mini alpaca.

But a haircut Mashi got last year is starting to get just as much attention — with people making “Tiger King” references.

The fashionable pup Mashi has its own Instagram account, @bossmash, where he slammed Underwood’s cutting skills, “And you thought you were having a bad hair day. #myhoomanscantcutgood.”

Source: NYPost

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