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China hasn’t registered any new confirmed cases of coronavirus for the first time since the pandemic began and detected only two suspicious cases, the country’s National Health Commission says.

Since May 11, the new daily confirmed cases in China have remained below 10 but until Saturday they had never managed to reach zero.

The two suspected cases detected on Friday – one locally in the city of Shanghai and the other from abroad in the north-eastern province of Jilin, on the border with Russia and North Korea – did not rise to confirmed status, according to the commission.

The previous day, four new cases had been counted, two of them also in Jilin, where in the last few weeks more than 30 infected people have been detected related to Chinese nationals returning to their country from Russia.

In the past 24 hours, no new death has occurred either, three patients were discharged and 252 contacts close to those infected were no longer observed.

The total number of active cases from abroad amounts to 41, two of them in serious condition.

The total number of active cases in China stands at 79, nine of them serious, and that of confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic rises to 82,971, of which 4634 have died.

Source: 9News

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