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Spider-Man Far From Home update, Is Mysterio Alive?

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Finally here comes a believable story on Mysterio being alive. Spider-Man Far From Home was the biggest hit movie of MCU. Viewers enjoyed the movie thoroughly and here Mysterio, the villain received love too. Marvel fans have been longing for Mysterio to be alive in the anticipation of SpiderMan fighting him again.

Spider-Man: Is Mysterio Alive?

Spider-Man Mysterio

Theories have been floating around of Mysterio faking his death. One such theory is getting support on Reddit. JeffersonTheVirgin gives this theory on Reddit. The theory says that Mysterio fakes his death by imitation. E.D.I.T.H. is technology left by Iron Man for Peter Parker. Peter takes time to release the fact as he was stunned by Tony’s death. Mysterio takes over the tech and built drowns in order to destroy the Earth.

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Ultimately, Peter fights Mysterio and kills him. To confirm the same he asks E.D.I.TH. whether Mysterio is dead and the answer received is yes. But the fan on Reddit claims that Peter didn’t take E.D.I.TH. name and it is only activated when the name is taken.

So, it becomes possible that Mysterio has made an illusion with the help of the drowning. Also, he imitates E.D.I.TH. a voice like he did for Nick Fury’s voice. He finally made Spider-Man believe he’s dead. He could have also used the illusion made by the remaining drowns to achieve the same.

For confirmation on the Mysterio we have to wait for the upcoming Spider-Man movie. It is clear that Marvel fans are excited to watch Mysterio and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) action and fight again.
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