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Supernatural Season 15 All Leaks & News About Airing, Cast, Storyline? And When Can We Expect The Show On Our TV Screens?

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Sam and Dean continue their monster hunt through 14 seasons now. They are now proceeding to meet us back in the 15th one. Fans have been waiting for them to get back ever since. The series is created by Eric Kripke and is currently running on Amazon Prime.

Supernatural Season 15 What Is The Release Date:

Winchester brothers have already entered their 15th year. 13 out of 20 episodes are already out on Prime with exciting new incidents. The rest have been halted due to the spread of corona Virus situation across the globe. Sam and Dean along with all the other ghost and demons are ow peacefully quarantined. The titles of the rest episodes are known over media. They are the follows:

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15×14= Last Holiday
15×15= Gimme Shelter
15×16= Drag Me Away (From You)
15×17= Unity
15×18= The Truth
15×19= Inherit The Earth
15×20= Carry On

Supernatural Season 15 Cast: 

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As per the casts, they will always feature Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean.

Other casts might include Misha Collins. as Castiel, Mark Sheppard. as Crowley, Samantha Smith. as Mary, Alexander Calvert. as Jack and many others.

The news of 15th season being the last out of the lot is a little unsettling for the fans. Jared Padalecki already has a new show in his hood, titled the “Texas Ranger”. There is Jensen Ackles still entertaining us through online media who recently produced an album along with his friend Steve Carlson. It is titled The Radio Company. One of its songs is played in the trailer of season 15.

For the fans out there, the franchise has shared bloopers from behind the screens of season 15 filming punned as ” Shaving people, punting things”!

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Source: Daily Mail

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