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Amnesty International releases findings on Mai-Kadra massacre

Scores of freshly-dug graves fill the church compound in Mai-Kadra. Shovels abandoned by weary hands are strewn on the dirt among empty cans of lemon...

Ethiopian rights body says nearly 600 killed in Tigray massacre

At least 600 people were killed in Maikadra in Southwestern Tigray State on the night of 9 November and hundreds more were wounded, the Ethiopian...

Ethiopian government says rebels have committed ‘atrocities’ during two-week Tigray conflict

Ethiopia’s government on Thursday said rebels have committed “serious crimes” after conflict broke out this month in the northern Tigray region, as US President-elect Joe...

Ethiopian journalist arrested, accused of disseminating false news

Today the Committee to Protect Journalists called on Ethiopian authorities to immediately release broadcast journalist Bekalu Alamrew, who was arrested on November 4 and has...

Ethiopia: From historic peace to the brink of war

As Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed replaces his army chief on Sunday amid an escalating conflict in the northern Tigray region, here are the key...