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Rights group urges lifting Ugandan social media ban

Amnesty International is calling for Ugandan officials to lift bans on social media imposed ahead of Thursday’s election. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announced on Tuesday...

Amnesty International releases findings on Mai-Kadra massacre

Scores of freshly-dug graves fill the church compound in Mai-Kadra. Shovels abandoned by weary hands are strewn on the dirt among empty cans of lemon...

Ethiopia army threatens ‘no mercy’ in assault on regional capital

Ethiopia’s military on Sunday threatened an all-out assault on Mekele, capital of the dissident Tigray region and seat of the local government it is seeking...

Ethiopia’s Tigray forces fire rockets into city, no casualties

Forces from Ethiopia’s rebel Tigray region fired rockets on Friday into the city of Bahir Dar in the neighbouring Amhara region but caused no casualties...

Ethiopian government says rebels have committed ‘atrocities’ during two-week Tigray conflict

Ethiopia’s government on Thursday said rebels have committed “serious crimes” after conflict broke out this month in the northern Tigray region, as US President-elect Joe...

Ethiopia’s Tigray claims responsibility for Eritrea attack

The leader of the Tigray region of Ethiopia on Sunday claimed responsibility for rocket strikes on the airport in neighbouring Eritrea’s capital, a move that...

Ethiopia says Tigray forces fired into neighbouring region

Ethiopia said on Saturday that forces loyal to the ruling party in the northern Tigray region had fired into neighbouring Amhara region, raising fears that...

UN warns of war crimes in Ethiopia conflict

The United Nations warned Friday of possible war crimes in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, as the US condemned the massacre of civilians in fighting which the...

Ethiopia appoints new Tigray leader, Amnesty reports ‘massacre’

Ethiopia’s parliament has appointed a new head of Tigray region, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said as a prominent rights group reported a “massacre” of scores...

Guinea court declares Alpha Conde elected president

Guinea’s Constitutional Court on Saturday declared incumbent Alpha Conde had been re-elected for a controversial third term as president at the age of 82, while...