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Emails Show How Pesticide Industry Influenced U.S. Position in Health Talks

The emails, from a pesticide industry lobbyist to employees at the Department of Agriculture, expressed alarm over proposed guidelines issued by a United Nations task...

A Deal on Drug Prices Undone by White House Insistence on ‘Trump Cards’

WASHINGTON — After months of heated accusations and painstaking negotiations, the White House and the pharmaceutical industry neared agreement late last month on a plan...

Trump Issues Expansive Order Aimed at Lowering Drug Prices

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Sunday issued a far-reaching executive order aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs, but the pharmaceutical industry immediately denounced...

Vaccine Makers Keep Safety Details Quiet, Alarming Scientists

The morning after the world learned that a closely watched clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine had been halted last week over safety concerns, the...

Trump Pressed for a Plasma Treatment. Officials Worry, Is a Vaccine Next?

WASHINGTON — It was the third week of August, the Republican National Convention was days away, and President Trump was impatient. White House officials were...