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Fired Officer Is Indicted in Breonna Taylor Case; Protesters Wanted Stronger Charges

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A grand jury weighing evidence in one of the country’s most contentious police shootings indicted a former Louisville police detective on charges...

American Suburbs Are Tilting for Biden. But Not Milwaukee’s.

CEDARBURG, Wis. — When Michael Hicks and his daughter chalked “Black Lives Matter” on the pavement outside their suburban home, someone scrubbed it away within...

Top Justice Dept. Official Embraces Use of Sedition Charges for Protest Violence

WASHINGTON — A top Justice Department official on Thursday supported a suggestion by Attorney General William P. Barr to consider bringing sedition charges for violent...

Military Police Considered Using Heat Ray on D.C. Protesters, Whistle-Blower Says

Hours before law enforcement officers violently cleared protesters from a square outside the White House in June, a top military police officer sought out weaponry...

Miami Herald Editor Apologizes for ‘Racist and Anti-Semitic’ Insert

The Miami Herald, one of the country’s largest newspapers, apologized on Monday for a column it called “incredibly offensive” that appeared last week in Libre,...

Barr Told Prosecutors to Consider Sedition Charges for Protest Violence

WASHINGTON — Attorney General William P. Barr told federal prosecutors in a call last week that they should consider charging rioters and others who committed...

Whose America Is It?

2020 has become the year of the hair-trigger election. The conservative Federalist website put its point of view in vivid terms on Sept. 11: “The...
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