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U.S. Risks Repeating 2009 Mistakes as Economic Recovery Slows

Trillions of dollars in federal aid to households and businesses has allowed the U.S. economy to emerge from the first six months of the coronavirus...

An Open Supreme Court Seat Puts Obamacare on the Ballot

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could not have come at a worse time for the millions of Americans who get their health insurance through the...

Despite Claims, Trump Rarely Uses Wartime Law in Battle Against Covid

As schools reopen and cold weather heightens the likelihood of a spike in coronavirus cases, nurses and doctors fear that shortages of the respirator masks,...

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick May Need to Denounce Roe. Good.

In a floor speech in July, Senator Josh Hawley, Republican of Missouri, issued an ultimatum on future Supreme Court fights. “I will vote only for...

War Crime Risk Grows for U.S. Over Saudi Strikes in Yemen

WASHINGTON — The civilian death toll from Saudi Arabia’s disastrous air war over Yemen was steadily rising in 2016 when the State Department’s legal office...

Boris Johnson Pushes to Backtrack on E.U. Deal, Despite Party Revolt

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to quell a rebellion among lawmakers from his Conservative Party on Monday as Parliament prepared to vote on...