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Free the Apps!

Like most app developers, John Botte wants his work to end up on some of the 1.5 billion active iPhones on the market. But when...

TikTok Files for Injunction to Stop Ban of App

SAN FRANCISCO — TikTok, the short-form viral video app, asked for a preliminary injunction against the Trump administration on Wednesday, a legal maneuver aimed at...

TikTok Deal Trips Over U.S.-China Power Struggle

WASHINGTON — A deal intended to address the Trump administration’s concerns about TikTok’s ties to China was complicated on Monday by a disagreement over whether...

TikTok Deal Exposes a Security Gap, and a Missing China Strategy

WASHINGTON — President Trump has declared victory in his latest confrontation with China, saying that he headed off a looming national security threat by forcing...

‘There’s No There There’: What the TikTok Deal Achieved

SAN FRANCISCO — The saga of TikTok had everything: Ominous threats of surveillance. A forced fire sale. Threats of retaliation. Head-spinning deal terms that morphed...

U.S. Judge Temporarily Halts Trump’s WeChat Ban

WASHINGTON — A federal judge has issued an injunction against President Trump’s executive order banning the Chinese social media app WeChat from carrying out commercial...

Trump Approves Deal Between Oracle and TikTok

WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Saturday that he had approved a deal between the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok and major American companies, an...

Trump Says Deal Between Oracle and TikTok Has His ‘Blessing’

WASHINGTON — President Trump said Saturday that he had given his “blessing” to an investment by the software maker Oracle in the Chinese-owned social media...

Trump Wants to Cripple TikTok and WeChat. Why?

President Trump’s plan to severely restrict the popular WeChat and TikTok apps could be viewed as a tit-for-tat for China’s yearslong prohibition of American services...
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