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Reuters cameraman detained in Ethiopia has seen no evidence against him – lawyer

Reuters cameraman Kumerra Gemechu has been held in solitary confinement for nearly a week without charge or being given any evidence of wrongdoing, his lawyer...
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First foreign aid convoy reaches capital of Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray

The first international aid convoy arrived Saturday in the capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region since fighting broke out more than a month ago, triggering a...

Protests break out in captured Ethiopian city – Tigrayan leader

The leader of Ethiopia’s rebellious Tigrayan forces said on Friday that protests were breaking out in the regional capital which fell to federal troops days...

United Nations, Ethiopia reach aid pact for war-hit Tigray

Ethiopia and the United Nations reached an agreement on Wednesday to channel desperately needed humanitarian aid to a northern region where a month of war...

Tigray forces say they shot down Ethiopian plane, retook Axum

Rebel forces from Ethiopia’s Tigray region claimed they shot down a military plane and retook a town from federal forces on Sunday, a day after...

Ethiopia says military operation in Tigray region is over, hunt for Tigray leaders begins

The Ethiopian government launched a manhunt on Sunday for leaders of a rebellious faction in the northern region of Tigray after announcing federal troops had...

Ethiopian forces conducting offensive to capture Mekelle – Tigray leader

The Tigray regional government said Saturday that Ethiopian government forces are already conducting a military offensive to capture the regional capital, Mekelle. Reuters is reporting...

Ethiopia premier tells AU he stands by Tigray military campaign

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told African Union envoys on Friday he will continue military operations in the restive northern Tigray region, resisting calls for...

African envoys head for Ethiopia as ultimatum expires for assault

African envoys went to Ethiopia to plead for peace on Wednesday, hours before an ultimatum was to expire for Tigrayan forces to surrender or face...

Ethiopia army threatens ‘no mercy’ in assault on regional capital

Ethiopia’s military on Sunday threatened an all-out assault on Mekele, capital of the dissident Tigray region and seat of the local government it is seeking...
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