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First foreign aid convoy reaches capital of Ethiopia’s conflict-hit Tigray

The first international aid convoy arrived Saturday in the capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region since fighting broke out more than a month ago, triggering a...
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Egypt gets first doses of Chinese coronavirus vaccine

Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country, has received its first shipment of a Chinese-made vaccine against COVID-19, the state media reported on Friday. The...

Donald Trump withdraws American troops from Somalia

U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered the withdrawal of majority of American troops from Somalia, the Department of Defence said on Friday. In a statement,...

Coronavirus: Mali introduces drastic measures

The President of the Transition in Mali, Bah N’Daw, on Monday announced drastic measures to break the chain of contamination of COVID-19, which is gaining...

Ethiopian forces begin offensive on Tigray capital

Ethiopian government forces began an offensive to capture the regional capital Mekelle in the rebellious northern Tigray region on Saturday, said a diplomat in direct...

UN: Shortages in Tigray ‘very critical’

Shortages have become ‘’very critical’’ in Ethiopia’s embattled northern region of Tigray, the United Nations says. The region of 6 million people is still sealed...

African envoys head for Ethiopia as ultimatum expires for assault

African envoys went to Ethiopia to plead for peace on Wednesday, hours before an ultimatum was to expire for Tigrayan forces to surrender or face...

Ethiopia army threatens ‘no mercy’ in assault on regional capital

Ethiopia’s military on Sunday threatened an all-out assault on Mekele, capital of the dissident Tigray region and seat of the local government it is seeking...

Ethiopia warns Tigrayans of Mekelle attack

Ethiopia’s army plans to surround the capital of Tigray with tanks and may attack the city with artillery to end a nearly three-week war, a...