Aldi is selling a GoPro dupe and it's less than £50
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Aldi sells low-cost alternatives to all kinds of big-name brands, and that includes tech.

The store’s GoPro action camera dupe that costs just £49.99.

Aldi's own version of the GoPro is a great budget buy for your summer holiday


Aldi’s own version of the GoPro is a great budget buy for your summer holiday

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GoPro is the industry-leading manufacturer of action cameras, and offer a number of leading cameras.

But you can expect to pay anywhere between £314.99 for the GoPro Hero 7 White and £379 for the GoPro Hero 10 Black.

Aldi’s Balco Action Camera is a budget-friendly option that won’t give your credit card as much of a battering.

Although we haven’t tested this little piece of kit, we were pleasantly surprised to find it records in Ultra HD 4K resolution and at 60FBS, offering super-crisp, super-smooth footage.

It comes with everything that most users will need – a helmet mount, buckle mount, tripod mount, all the necessary cables – so you won’t need to spend any extra cash on accessories.

The kit all comes contained inside a little zip-up bag that can be easily thrown into a backpack or carry-on suitcase.

Action cameras have become hugely popular for recording sports thanks to their durability and compact size.

Clipped safely in space, they can capture footage of everything from skiing to surfing to cycling.

Yesterday, we spotted Aldi’s dupe alternative to the Airpods Pro that cost just £24.99 – if you’re looking for tech at low prices, it’s definitely worth heading to the store’s website.

This might even make a great choice of Father’s Day gift, which is at the end of next month.

We’ve got more great offers listed in our pick of the best Aldi Specialbuys this week, which we update regularly.

Search for discounts and coupon codes on our Sun GoPro Vouchers page.

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