Amazing iPhone travel hack revealed – and Apple fans are going wild for it
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APPLE fans can unlock a clever travel hack using their iPhone.

A special feature for flights is built directly into the iMessage app.

Anyone boarding a flight should use this clever iPhone trick


Anyone boarding a flight should use this clever iPhone trickCredit: TikTok / @estherelsewhere / Apple

If you’re getting ready for your summer holidays, your iPhone can come in handy.

There’s a way to quickly share and retrieve all of your flight information thanks to Apple.

The trick was shared by TikTok travel star @estherelsewhere, where it’s earned hundreds of likes.

“Open up your iPhone messages and either you or your friend send over your flight number,” Esther explained.

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“Automatically this will create a clickable link.

“Then you’re gonna click preview flight and bam, you have your friend, your family member or your flight tracker right there.”

You can type the airline and the flight number, or you can type in the abbreviated flight code.

Whichever way you do this iPhone trick, you’ll get the same result – a special flight preview.

You’ll know if it worked because the text will automatically underline once you’ve sent it.

Anyone in the iMessage chat can view all of the information about the flight.

This includes departure and arrival times, as well as time remaining on the flight.

You’ll also be able to see the destinations, any delays, and the terminal and gate.

The preview will show baggage claim numbers at the end of the trip.

And anyone in the chat will get a real-time map to track the flight.

Sadly, it’s possible that some flights might not appear via the preview.

But many of the major carriers are supported with this feature.

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If you’ve got a holiday planned, that’s not the only airplane trick you need to know.

Another genius iPhone travel hack turns your sickness bag into a free flying accessory.

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