Anyone with a sensitive iPhone photo MUST turn on feature today
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IF you’ve got photos not meant for others to see it can be a worry when showing a pal something on your iPhone.

What if they wander off into your photo album?

This ought to stop prying eyes


This ought to stop prying eyesCredit: @imyfone_tips

Well, thankfully there is a way to protect your sensitive content, as revealed by TikToker imyfone_tips.

It’s all made possible with Apple’s Shortcuts app, which will allow you to add a passcode to your photo album.

When you’ve opened the app, first you’ll need to tap the + button.

Select Add Action, then type ‘ask for input’.

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Tap the bit that says Text and change it to Number.

In the gap below, type ‘enter password’.

Next, at the bottom search for ‘If’ and select it.

Change Condition to Is, then type the passcode you want to use.

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Search at the bottom once again this time for Open App.

Tap and hold the box, and carefully move it up two spaces.

Select the App text and search for Photos.

Next, you need to find the settings icon at the top right – it’s next to the cross.

Hit Add to Home Screen.

Tap the icon then choose the Photos icon – which you’ll need to download from the internet first, this is so it looks like the usual Photos app.

Finally, add the name, ‘Photos’, followed by Add.

Now it’s all set up.

It’s worth pointing out, this will only protect your photos from prying eyes so far.

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You’ll need to remove the existing Photos app icon from the Home Screen.

But if the person decides to go through your full app list, they’ll still find the usual Photos app tucked away there, completely unprotected.

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