Anyone with an ENEMY needs to know genius iPhone camera trick
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IPHONE owners should enable this quick hack to improve the user experience.

Apple users with an ungracious ex-partner or rival coworker can reduce that person’s visibility in their photo album without deleting photos.

Customize your automated Memories with this hack


Customize your automated Memories with this hackCredit: Rex Features

“Apple’s Photos app has a Memories feature that shows you algorithmically curated collections of photos and videos — based on different factors like dates, holidays, or places you visited,” The Next Web reported.

Every so often, Memories will present the user of a photo that includes an ex.

Unfortunately, the iPhone cannot detect how this can be awkward or painful for the user.

To cut this person out of the code that powers Memories, open the Photos app on your device.

Select a photo of your ex with their face clearly lit – you’ll have to view this photo just one last time, we swear.

In the lower left corner, click the Share button – its a rectangle with an arrow superimposed over it.

Scroll the pop-up menu – you’ll see a red line of text that reads “Feature a Person Less”.

You can elect to feature a person less or not at all.

The Next Web expanded their hack to include Memories of dates and locations.

In the Photos app, clicks the For You tab.

Scroll through your Memories and select which collections you would like to see less, or delete them entirely.

The user-made alterations to Memories are permanent – a deleted Memory cannot be recovered.

Perhaps this hack is the first step in getting past an ex – surely it will reduce the amount of times old photos resurface.

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