Bird-brained new AI ‘translates what chickens are saying’ and even reveals when they’re secretly clucking furious
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A NEW artificially intelligent software is able to understand what chickens are saying to each other.

That’s according to researchers in Japan who have been testing out the AI for a recent study.

The researchers think understanding chickens could help us create a better environment for them


The researchers think understanding chickens could help us create a better environment for themCredit: Getty

The experts released their study online in a yet-to-be peer-reviewed paper.

“In this groundbreaking study, we present a novel approach to interspecies communication, focusing on the understanding of chicken vocalizations.

“Leveraging advanced mathematical models in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we have developed a system capable of interpreting various emotional states in chickens, including hunger, fear, anger, contentment, excitement, and distress,” the researchers wrote.

According to Futurism, University of Tokyo professor Adrian David Cheok led the research.

It involved listening to changing vocal patterns in chickens.

AI software was used to understand and spot these patterns.

Recordings from 80 chickens were analyzed.

A team of “eight animal psychologists and veterinary surgeons” was then used to work out the mental state of the chickens based on the noises they made.

They were said to be able to do this was a high accuracy.

Cheok said in a statement: “It’s a cluckin’ great leap for science!

“And this is just the beginning. We hope to be able to adapt these AI and ML techniques to other animals and lay the groundwork for incredible intelligence in the various animal-related industries.”

He explained that understanding the animals could help us create a better world for them.

The researchers did note the potential limitations of the study.

They think the process might not be easily transferable to other breeds and that more research is required in this area.

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