Elon Musk fans think they've spotted billionaire using expensive SpaceX gadget as a snack tray – can you see it
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SPACEX fans suspect that Elon Musk used a piece of a rocket’s heat shield as a serving platter.

The image featuring the quirky tray was posted to Twitter by Joko Widodo, president of Indonesia.

Musk fans think they've caught a glimpse of a rocket heat shield being used as a serving tray


Musk fans think they’ve caught a glimpse of a rocket heat shield being used as a serving tray

This week, Musk took a meeting with Indonesia’s leader to discuss the country’s nickel supply – and, evidently, breakfast was provided at the SpaceX headquarters.

The elegant, black tray resembles the hexagonal tiles that will be used to protect the Starship rocket from extreme heat on reentry.

The tiles are designed to withstand temperatures north of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The tech-magazine Futurism quipped “the average pastry bakes at less than a fifth of that, meaning that even a blistering oven tray of viennoiseries won’t be able to crack this particular dish.”

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In 2019, Musk posted an awe-inspiring video of the tiles undergoing an extreme heat test.

The SpaceX CEO explained the tiles are cut to a hexagonal shape so there is “no straight path for hot gas to accelerate through the gaps.”

Musk said the tiles will plate part of the “windward” side – the section of the ship exposed to the most intense heat on reentry.

While the tiles will line just 10-20% of the Starship exterior, it seems the tiles can support 100% of breakfast at SpaceX.

The Starship may be the most revolutionary rocket in the SpaceX arsenal.

Musk has stated that he expects the Starship to be the rocket that will go interplanetary.

“One day Starship will land on the rusty sands of Mars,” he wrote in a tweet.

The rocket is scheduled to lead the first space tourism mission around the Moon in 2023, with Japanese billionaire Yasaku Maezawa on board.

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SpaceX has not published a comment confirming the origin of Musk’s glitzy breakfast tray.

But it would suit Musk to engage in this eccentric form of recycling.

Indonesia is a global supplier of nickel and other crucial components in Tesla's battery technologies


Indonesia is a global supplier of nickel and other crucial components in Tesla’s battery technologiesCredit: Reuters

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