I was saved from being raped at knifepoint by an iPhone feature


A WOMAN has said she was saved from being raped at knifepoint thanks to an iPhone feature.

Kelli Worst credited the iPhone’s Emergency SOS function for saving her life when she was attacked by a man in the middle of the night.

Kelli used the iPhone's Emergency SOS function to call the cops after she was attacked


Kelli used the iPhone’s Emergency SOS function to call the cops after she was attackedCredit: Getty

The woman, from Virginia, was leaving a beach at around 2am after a party with friends when a stranger approached her and asked for help finding his iPhone.

“He said he was in the military and not from here, and I just immediately thought of my brother, who’s in the military,” Kelli told reporters at Wavvy in a disturbing interview.

She added: “I figured he probably has to report somewhere in the morning. He’s going to be in trouble if he doesn’t get there. I just felt bad for him and wanted to help him, and honestly when he told me he was in the military I felt a sense of safety.”

Kelli started to become suspicious when the man asked her to call his iPhone several times and the phone’s ‘Find My’ feature said the number was invalid.

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Then the man allegedly started to make sexual gestures towards her.

At this point, Kelli said she turned around and started to walk away but only managed to make about five steps before he “came up to me and covered my mouth and nose and tackled me to the ground and had me pinned face down in the sand.”

She managed to reach for her iPhone and activate the SOS feature by pressing and holding the side and volume buttons and then swiping across the screen.

Cops were able to hear everything that was happening and dispatched officers to the scene, when the man ran away.

“My phone in my hand and knowing how to activate the SOS feature is what saved my life,” she said.

Last month, Brit Tim Blakely, 41, told how his iPhone saved his life after he plunged into a crevasse while snowboarding on a Swiss mountain.

Having fallen around 15ft he was able to alert the emergency services thanks to the phone’s feature.

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He wrote on Instagram: “Thank you to @apple, their side button five click to emergency services – especially great when your screen is constantly being dripped on.”

Forty-five minutes later, rescuers were able to haul the personal trainer out of the crevasse and he escaped the ordeal with only an injured ankle ligament.

The iPhone's Emergency SOS feature alert the cops who came to Kelli's rescue


The iPhone’s Emergency SOS feature alert the cops who came to Kelli’s rescueCredit: Alamy

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