I'm an Apple expert – my quick trick could save you from eye strain
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IF YOU struggle with straining your eyes while using your iPhone, then this handy iPhone trick might help.

The tip was shared on TikTok in a 15-second long reel by user @Betimm_B.

If you struggle with eye strain while using your iPhone, then this handy iPhone trick might help.


If you struggle with eye strain while using your iPhone, then this handy iPhone trick might help.Credit: Tiktok/betimm_b

“iPhone hack level 1,” a robotic female voice said at the beginning of the video.

Then the TikToker showed his viewers the home screen on his iPhone.

Betim then swiped down from the top of his home screen to show his ‘accessibilities settings’.

He then tapped on the “text size” shortcut icon.

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After doing that, the content creator tapped on “All apps” and increased the text size all the way.

To illustrate that the text size changed across his apps, he headed to his phone’s Settings and then Instagram.

For users who don’t have the text-size icon on their shortcuts, they can add it by going into their Settings.

Once there, tap on Control centre > swipe down > Add Text Size.

Since going live a few days ago, the hack has gone viral on TikTok.

More than 5,600 people have liked the reel and dozens have commented.

“Omg,” one TikTok user simply said, adding a series of shocked-face emojis.

“I get it now,” a second user added.

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Betim shares many iPhone tips and tricks on his TikTok page, which has accumulated more than 785.7k followers.

He has also garnered an impressive 21.9 million likes across his videos.

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