iPhone users are just noticing they've been using popular app completely wrong - there's a much easier way
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YOU’VE been wasting your time in one of the iPhone’s most used apps.

The Apple Calculator has a secret feature some are only just realising existed.

There's an iPhone calculator hack you need to know


There’s an iPhone calculator hack you need to knowCredit: TikTok / @ellyawesometech / Apple

It’s a simple hidden gesture that makes using the app on your iPhone so faster.

It turns out users can delete individual characters on the display, which is ideal if you’ve made a mistake.

Most people just go for the standard method, pressing C but this wipes everything.

However, TikTok creator @ellyawesometech has revealed a genius trick that lets you quickly delete single characters.

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All you need to do is swipe left or right at the top of the Calculator display.

It takes a little bit of getting used to.

But if you regularly use the Apple Calculator, it’s well worth learning.

iPhone Calculator tricks

That’s not the only Calculator trick, of course.

You can use Siri to open the Calculator with your voice.

Another trick is to unlock your screen orientation and rotate the app sideways.

This will unlock a scientific calculator for more complex mathematics – including options for cosine, tangent and square root functions.

You can copy and paste numbers to and from the app.

This includes pinching the display with three fingers to copy, and spreading three fingers to paste.

It’s possible to enter calculations directly into your iPhone’s Search bar, skipping the Calculator entirely.

And Siri can also perform calculations for you if you ask using your voice.

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