My grandad was first on the scene at Roswell UFO crash - he told us alien bodies were found and he helped cover it up
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THE first person to examine debris from the alleged UFO crash in Roswell insisted up to his death that the incident was extra-terrestrial, he had to cover it up, and those who saw alien bodies “were telling the truth,” his grandson has revealed.

Speaking on the 75th anniversary of the infamous incident, Jesse Marcel III – the grandson of Major Jesse Marcel – also claims there are still pieces of the wreckage out there and he is confident he will find them.

Jesse Marcel III claims his granddad told him aliens were found at the UFO crash


Jesse Marcel III claims his granddad told him aliens were found at the UFO crashCredit: SWNS
Dr Jesse Marcel, left, and Major Jesse Marcel, right


Dr Jesse Marcel, left, and Major Jesse Marcel, rightCredit: SWNS
It has been 75 years since the UFO crash


It has been 75 years since the UFO crash

Jesse Sr was an intelligence officer for the 509th Bomb Group, who was sent to the scene of the crash in 1947 to investigate the crash and bring pieces of the strange debris back to the army base.

He stopped on the way to the base to show his son, Jesse Marcel II, the bizarre materials, telling the youngster they were pieces of a flying saucer.

Jesse Sr, who died in 1986, took the debris pack to the army base and was ordered to cover the incident up – pretending the crash was a “non-event” and the wreckage was actually a weather balloon.

Speaking at the 75th Anniversary UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico, Jesse III told The Sun: “My grandfather would always tell a little bit about the story than grin and say, ‘There’s so much more, I just can’t tell you about it.'”

Jesse III continued: “He told us a lot about what he saw and what he found out there. 

“He was very careful about what he said to us because he was worried that if he said the wrong thing, that maybe somebody would come and hassle us about it.”

He added: “There are lots of stories about Roswell out there, some true, some not, but the big thing he talked about was the material he found and the different sites.

“Everybody would ask him about the alien bodies, and he was always quick to talk about there being another site to the one he was sent to, where people said they found bodies.”

Jesse III added: “And my grandfather said, ‘You can believe what they said.’

“So he didn’t directly see any alien bodies but told us we could believe what those other responders said.

“It was a way of staying one person out from saying it himself.”

Jesse heard stories about the mysterious Roswell wreckage from both his father, Jesse II, who died in 2013, and his grandfather, Jesse Sr.

They played with and handled the pieces at their home – including the bizarre ‘i beams’ – small rods of metal with strange purple hieroglyphic-type symbols on them.

The two men described the other wreckage as a kind of metal that was ‘as light as the foil in cigarette packets’ and ‘couldn’t be dented.’

“My father was 11, 12, at the time, and my grandfather came home at about 2am and woke him and my grandmother up and said. ‘I want to show you something,'” Jesse III said. 

“And when they came out, they saw the kitchen and they saw this stuff laid out all over a bunch of junk all over the place.”

He continued: “And my grandma was like, ‘Why did you mess up my kitchen?’ 

“My grandfather said, ‘You guys look at this and see if you see anything that looks familiar to you or if any of it looks like it fits together?”

Jesse III went on: “They messed about with it for a couple of hours and they didn’t see anything that resembled the technology of the time there, and nothing that could really fit together. 

“My grandfather told them at the time, ‘I think this is a flying saucer.'”

Jesse III added: “And what’s interesting about that is the flying saucer word was coined only about a month before this happened.”

The ‘i-beams’ found by Jesse II still fascinate researchers today – and replicas have been made of them showing the strange symbols he remembered – taken from hypnosis sessions and his diaries at the time.


Jesse III said: “My father found this rod of metal and went under a light in the kitchen. 

“And he noticed if you looked at it at an angle, these symbols would appear, so looking at it straight on, it was nothing.”

He continued: “But if you looked at it sideways – they appeared.

“They never said hologram, but it was that kind of idea.”

Jesse III continued: “So they’ve always assumed this was some kind of an alien language, of course.

“He actually scribbled out some of the symbols during hypnosis. Some of them were from his diary.

“One funny story is that my dad showed my grandfather the ‘i beam’ and asked him what he thought it was, and my grandfather said, ‘It’s probably how you use the onboard bathroom.'”

Jesse III continued: “He was a funny guy.

“One of the symbols was basically a triangle with a ball on top of it.

“My father, as a child, explained to us he remembered it as a seal with a ball in his nose.

“That was prominent. There’s a lot more of those than any other symbol.”

He concluded: “All of the debris from the crash is believed to have been taken by military officials and there is no surviving fragments known to be in the public domain.”

However, Jesse III is certain that fragments have survived and he is currently making a documentary about how he is hunting them down.

In 2020, The Sun reported how a British UFO researcher, Philip Mantle, said a witness told him Jesse Sr confided in him that he kept three pieces of the UFO in a hot water heater at his home in Houma, Louisiana.

Jesse III said: “There may be some truth to this.

“I talked to my brother and sister and we remembered a story about a boiler in the basement and some parts.”

He continued: “And what’s interesting is, I mean, it was said when we were little kids, but the home in Louisiana is on a Bayou, there is no basement.

“When the accident happened, my grandfather didn’t keep any of the debris, but at a later date, one of his commanders, Blanchard, came to his house to play bridge. 

“And he had one of these ‘i beams’ with him and my idea is that he probably left that with my grandfather and that made it back.”

He added: “We’re looking for it ourselves right now.

“The house in Louisiana was destroyed in Katrina, but we think there’s still a piece somewhere out there and we’re working on a documentary series to actually find it.

“We haven’t found it yet. But will we find a piece? I think we will.”

Jesse III believes his grandfather was taken by military bosses for an intense debriefing after he returned to the base – where he was told to cover up the incident.

Interestingly, Jesse III discovered from records that his grandfather was down as having two weeks’ leave during those dates.

“It wasn’t really a family leave and it looks like my grandfather and some of his commanders went somewhere,” he said.

“When they came back, my grandfather met with my father and grandmother again and said in a very straightforward way, that this was a non-event and this did not happen.

He added: “‘You didn’t see anything, don’t talk to anybody about it.’

“We think that he was taken for some kind of debriefing somewhere.”

He continued: “Saying it was a non-event is kind of funny verbiage to use.”

Jesse III hits out at sceptics, saying there was no reason for his father or grandfather to lie – especially to their own children and grandchildren.

“There is no reason for them to lie, they didn’t gain financially from this – quite the opposite.

“It wasn’t easy for them to come forward about what they knew, especially in those times.”

Jesse III went on: “My father was a colonel in the military and a medical doctor, but he didn’t hold anything back.

“He always said what he saw and he believed what he saw, and so I would say I’m very proud of him, it’s part of our history.”

He added: “My grandfather was kind of a historical figure.

“People have said, ‘Did they really see what they said they saw?'”

Jesse III continue: “Well, my grandfather and father believed it and told us throughout our whole lives. Why would your direct relatives lie to your grandkids?” 

Jesse Sr was inducted into the Roswell Walk of Fame, which recognizes those who have significant connections to UFO investigation and research, science, and space professions.

Jesse III said his grandfather would be excited about the honor and the fact people are still interested in the case 75 years after the event.

He insists that despite sceptics, his grandfather always remained positive about his role in Roswell and felt lucky to have been part of it.

“People have said to me it was such huge pressure on my grandfather’s shoulders and he was the fall guy and that kind of thing.

“Actually, when he was in later life anyway, he was very proud to be that person.”

Jesse III added: “He thought that he was lucky that out of everywhere in the world and all the people, he was the one that went out there.

“So he was actually really happy about that.”

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He continued: “And he went through a lot of pressure, from military officials and things.”

“As head of intelligence, his job was invested in it, then part of his job was to also cover it up at, so he had to fall in his sword, but despite that, he was very positive about it.”

Space fans are attended the annual UFO Festival to mark the anniversary of the Roswell accident


Space fans are attended the annual UFO Festival to mark the anniversary of the Roswell accidentCredit: SWNS
The Roswell incident happened in 1946


The Roswell incident happened in 1946Credit: SWNS

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