People are just realizing switching off Wi-Fi router setting instantly boosts security and avoids 'brute force attack'
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A COMMON Wi-Fi router setting could be risking your security at home and some experts recommend turning it off.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a setting that lets you add devices to a secure network without needing to enter a password.

Turning off WPS is a quick way to boost Wi-Fi security


Turning off WPS is a quick way to boost Wi-Fi securityCredit: Getty

You may see a WPS button on your router.

Pressing it lets the router discover new devices and then the gadget in question can select to join your network without needing to know your credentials.

It’s an easy way to set up your own gadgets or let a guest use your network.

However, WPS is susceptible to an online brute-force attack, according to Make Use Of.

The attack exploits a PIN process that WPS relies on.

A tool created for hackers to exploit this feature reportedly sold for $1.5million.

It’s for this reason that switching WPS off can be a quick way to secure your Wi-Fi router security.

Wi-Fi routers can also be infiltrated with malware, which can spread to your devices.

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Hackers could also steal your data or disable your router if they gain access.


If you have an app that connects to your Wi-Fi router, you should be able to turn on WPS in the settings menu.

Generally, you need to find out your router’s IP address and type that into a web browser to access an admin page.

Use your router’s username and password to log in and access the security settings.

Different routers have different methods to change settings online.

It’s best to check on your provider’s website for the best practice for your device.

However, in most cases, there should be a WPS tab within the online settings page that lets you easily switch it off.

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