People are just realizing they're using Wi-Fi pinhole reboot button wrong – correct method can increase internet speed
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SOMETIMES your Wi-Fi router needs a router to increase its speed and iron out other issues.

You may think all you need to do is hit the pinhole reboot button but some experts don’t recommend this method.

Rebooting your router can increase its speed


Rebooting your router can increase its speedCredit: Getty

According to Digitial Trends, you should avoid clicking the pinhole button altogether.

It may say it’s for rebooting but you can also try another effective method.

First, unplug your router from all the devices connected to it.

Then, unplug it from its power source.

This will shut the router down fully but you need to wait more than a few seconds.

Some experts recommend waiting at least 20 seconds before you turn your router back on.

AT&T states: “You can fix many common internet issues by restarting your modem.”

It also advises removing the power source from your device.

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Try waiting at least 20 seconds before turning the device back on.

This helps to ensure the electrical circuit inside the device has had time to stop.

Digital Trends recommends waiting for a whole minute.

Rebooting is useful for numerous reasons.

As well as a potential speed increase it can also negate hacking attempts.

It may also give your router important updates that it was lacking.

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