People are just realizing Wi-FI router speed can instantly improve with restart trick – exact amount of seconds to wait
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AT&T has some advice for Wi-Fi users with slow routers.

The tech giant has revealed the perfect amount of time to wait when you’re restarting your router.

You should wait around 20 seconds before plugging the device back in


You should wait around 20 seconds before plugging the device back inCredit: Alamy

It may seem like a myth but turning your Wi-Fi router on and off does sometimes fix speed issues.

AT&T states: “You can fix many common internet issues by restarting your modem.”

It advises unplugging the cord from the back of your device.

You should also remove any battery backups if you have one.

Then, make sure you wait at least 20 seconds before turning the device back on.

Waiting time is important because you want to make sure the electrical circuit inside the device has had time to stop.

If the problem still hasn’t been solved you may want to try out a few other quick fixes.

Wi-Fi routers are affected by objects like fridges, microwaves, fishbowls, mirrors, and baby monitors.

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Try moving your router or these items apart.

You need to make sure the vents of the modem are not blocked by the location you put it in.

Glass is also a bad idea and any window in general.

Unless you want Wi-Fi access while you’re in the garden, putting a router near a window just sends signals outside for no reason.


You should put your Wi-Fi router as central in your home as possible.

Generally, you should keep it in an open area that’s raised off the ground.

Always make sure your router is plugged into the master socket rather than an extension cable so it works faster.

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