Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The ten best Pokémon from the latest game

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are packed with new Pokémon to find and catch, including a number with interesting abilities, moves and types.

Finding out which are the best can take some time, as you play with each of the 103 new ‘mons.

Palafin is more than meets the eye.


Palafin is more than meets the eye.Credit: The Pokemon Company

However, there are a number of very strong new Pokémon that you should be looking out for.

Here’s our list of the top ten best new Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.


Palafin is an interesting one. When you evolve it from Finizen it looks almost identical to its original form and its stats are just as bad.

However, Paladin comes with a new ability Zero to Hero, which allows it to change form when switched out and into battle.

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It takes on Hero Forme with impressive stats that are higher than many legendary Pokémon, and even get close to Arceus.

An interesting new Pokémon that requires some strategy to use well, but worth trying out. 


Tinkaton has already become a fan favourite with her pink colour and giant hammer reminding gamers of Sonic’s Amy Rose.

It’s Steel/Fairy type which is one of the most powerful types in the game, with only two weaknesses, nine resistances, and two immunities.

Not only this but she comes with the signature move Gigaton Hammer which has 160 base power.

Her attack stat isn’t anything to write home about, but she doesn’t need it when Terastilised, as her move Gigaton Hammer is the most powerful in the game.


You know a Pokémon is good when the champion herself uses one, and Glimmora could certainly be considered her ace.

The signature ability Toxic Debris spits out Toxic Spikes when hit, meaning that if your opponent changes Pokémon, they die in eight turns.

However, they are unlikely to last that long, as Glimmora boasts a whopping 130 Special Attack.

You can see why this Pokémon is only widely available in the late game.


Orthworm may not seem like much on the surface with only its Defence as its only standout stat.

What makes Orthworm special, though, is the ability Earth Eater, which acts much like Water Absorb for Ground-type moves.

As a Steel-type this means it’s only weak to Fire and Fighting, and the latter is negated by Orthworm’s defences.

This is another Pokémon that you have to use tactically, but is well worth trying out.


We may have waited 23 years for justice for Dunsparce, but it was well worth it.

Dudunsparce not only looks like an absolute goober, but it has impressive HP so it can work as a tank on your team, and is only improved by leftovers.

With the ability Serene Grace, moves like Body Slam have a 60% chance to paralyse too.

Its signature move Hyper Drill can also break Protect, so we will likely see a lot of it in the competitive scene.


Noone was asking for a Primeape evolution, but it’s here and it’s wonderful.

A rare Ghost/Fighting-type, Annihilape boasts an impressive 115 Attack and decent stats all round.

More importantly is its signature move Rage Fist which starts out at 50 power, but increases by 50 every time it gets hit.

By stalling out a few moves, you can easily get your Annihilape ready to sweep.


Now we’ve had a bit of time to play the latest Pokémon game, it is obvious that one starter isn’t quite like the others.

Grass/Dark-type is one known for its weaknesses, but weaknesses don’t matter when you outspeed and one shot every Pokémon on the opposing team.

It also has the signature move Flower Trick, which has both perfect accuracy and always lands a critical hit, making it 140 base power, and also breaks through the opponents’ defences.

Meowscarada has the advantage of being the only Pokémon that is a cat dressed like Zorro.


It might look like a cheese string, and be very annoying to evolve, but Gholdengo is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the generation.

With a whopping 550 base stats and 115 Special Attack, this Pokémon doesn’t only bring the big numbers.

Its ability Good as Gold prevents it from being hit with annoying status conditions.

Gholdengo’s only issue is its limited movepool which can be improved with clever use of TMs.


Ice-types have long been one of the worst types in Pokémon due to their glass cannon nature.

By pairing Ice with Dragon-type for Baxcalibur’s pseudo-legendary combination, it brings down a number of its weaknesses.

Its signature ability Thermal Exchange also prevents burn and ups Attack when hit with Fire-type moves.

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Another difficult one to evolve but worth trying out.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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