Spotify gets NEW feature everyone has been asking for – how to find it
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SPOTIFY is finally adding individual shuffle and play buttons across the app.

That means you can choose exactly how you want to play any album or playlist.

The Play and Shuffle buttons are now separate in Spotify for Premium subscribers


The Play and Shuffle buttons are now separate in Spotify for Premium subscribersCredit: Spotify

Spotify has faced lots of criticism over its default shuffle button in the past.

Brit music sensation Adele even asked Spotify to just feature a Play button with the release of her album 30.

She said: “This was the only request I had in our ever changing industry!

“We don’t create albums with so much care and thought into our track listing for no reason.

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“Our art tells a story and our stories should be listened to as we intended.”

Spotify ultimately added a combo button that offered both Play and Shuffle functionality.

But Spotify is now doubling down on the change and is separating the buttons out entirely.

It means it’s now much easier to choose the exact way you want to listen to music on the app.

And that includes listening to it as the creator intended, using the standard album or playlist order.

“Music – and how you listen to it – should be yours to control,” Spotify explained in a blog post.

“So from the moment you hit play on Spotify, you decide the way you want to hear your favorite playlists or that new album you’re obsessed with.

“So to make that choice even clearer and simpler, we’re improving the listener experience and separating the Shuffle and Play Buttons for Spotify Premium users.”

The new update is rolling out over the coming weeks.

That means you might not get it right away – so don’t panic.

You’ll be able to access it on both iOS and Android devices.

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But the caveat is that you need to be a paid-up Spotify Premium member.

The update is global, so anyone can see the new change no matter where you live in the world.

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