Spymasters want team of 'Q' style tech geeks to help build next generation of 007 gadgetry
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SPYMASTERS are advertising for a team of “Q” style tech geeks to help build Britain’s next generation of 007 gadgetry.

Security chiefs at MI5, MI6 and GCHQ want the boffins to help battle cyber attacks, terrorists and organised crime at London’s spy HQ plus Cheltenham and Manchester bases.

Spymasters are advertising for a team of 'Q' style tech geeks to help build Britain’s next generation of 007 gadgetry


Spymasters are advertising for a team of ‘Q’ style tech geeks to help build Britain’s next generation of 007 gadgetryCredit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Supplied by LMK

The behind the scenes roles mirror the work of the fictional head of Q Division – or “ The Quartermaster” – played by Ben Whishaw in the James Bond film franchise.

Vacancies currently being advertised online include a £56,874 Product Manager, a £48,104 Product Owner and Senior Innovation Product Manager at £62,592.

A source said: “The on-screen Q might be best known for his love of a cup of Earl Grey and funny gadgetry but in reality his work is critical to keeping the country safe.”

Applicants are advised the product management roles are charged with “proving the best technology solutions” to help deliver “critical intelligence” to spies working on “frontline missions”.

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The Product Manager will be tasked with deciding “what products we should build to help keep the country safe” – like Q’s famous line of exploding pens and blood stream infecting Nanobots.

While the Product Owner’s job is to “bring to life unique products and help us build a culture where innovation and experimentation can thrive”.

And the Senior Innovation Product Manager will help “articulate product vision, goals and outcomes” while also helping guide the product owners and managers in their work.

Tea-loving Q is famed for kitting out Daniel Craig’s 007 with state-of-the-art tech such as a machine-gun wielding and bomb-deploying Aston Martin DB5 in No Time To Die.

Other favourites include a Magnetic Bodysuit in No Time To Die, a Laser Microphone in Sceptre and a Portable defibrillator in Casino Royale.

In April it was reported spy chiefs were on the hunt for handymen to work on odd jobs during James Bond-style missions.

Potential applicants were told the secret service’s chippies and plasterers were vital to battling Britain’s terror threat and “keeping the country safe”.

But recruits were also advised they would need to spend at least two hours in the gym each week in order to keep fit.

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