Superb Vodafone SIM-only deal gets you 100GB for £8.50 p/m after cashback
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We’ve noticed a lot of top-class SIM-only deals appear online in May, but this offer from Vodafone is one of the best.

After a cashback redemption process, you’ll be set up with a hefty 100GB of data for just £8.50 per month. is offer cashback on its 100GB SIM-only Vodafone plan - just £8.50 a month

1 is offer cashback on its 100GB SIM-only Vodafone plan – just £8.50 a month

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This SIM-only offer is from Vodafone but is available from the provider, who often offer market-leading deals.

You’ll need to wait to see the savings return to you – expect to pay £15 per month first – but ultimately you’ll be saving £78 over the course of this one-year plan.

At a time when pretty much everyone is feeling the extra pinch on their finances, anybody trying to reduce their monthly mobile spend should certainly consider the SIM-only route if they’ve already got a handset – or are willing to go hunting for a bargain.

Yes, it’s a few generations old now, but the refurbished iPhone 11 Amazon is currently on sale at Amazon for £288.99 – pair that up with this Vodafone SIM plan, and you’ll only be spending £390.99.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a Smarty SIM-only deal that offers 100GB for £12 per month – obviously that doesn’t compare to this offer, but there’s no cashback redemption process to go through.

Before you buy, it’s always worth comparing deals – we’ve got many more list on our best SIM-only deals page.

SIM plans are just one of many tech deals we report on each week – we cover the latest price drops on phones, TVs, and Amazon smart devices.

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