These paintings all share an eerie secret – is this the end for humanity?
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WE can’t all be the next Van Gogh or Picasso but a new exhibition may leave you questioning your artistic abilities even more.

The artist who created the stunning work in the Leaping Into The Metaverse exhibition is not a human nor animal.

This is a self portrait by the artist


This is a self portrait by the artistCredit: Ai-Da Robot
Ai-Da is a humanoid robot who likes to paint


Ai-Da is a humanoid robot who likes to paintCredit: PA:Press Association

The works were created by an ultra-realistic humanoid robot who could certainly give a few human artists a run for their money.

She’s called Ai-Da after after Ada Lovelace, the famed 18th century English mathematician.

Though she isn’t human, Ai-Da’s work has been praised for its detail and one reporter for Art Review even called her “kind of hot”.

The humanoid robot creates her paintings using AI algorithms and cameras in her eyes that monitor her masterpieces.

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Ai-Da explained in a 2020 Ted Talk: “How can a robot be an artist? Art and artists have many definitions.

“In regards creativity, using academic professor Margaret Boden’s criteria, I am creative because my work is new, surprising and has value, as it is stimulating debate and interest.”

She added: “My art reflects our lives today where humans interact, make decisions on, and are influenced by technology and AI on a daily basis in our online and physical worlds.”

The robot’s work has been put on display at the 59th International Art Exhibition: La Biennale di Venezia in Venice.

She painted four works for the exhibition using her special arm.

The paintings include a self portrait and a portrait of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley.

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Ai-Da was created and completed by gallerist Aidan Meller and robot experts at Engineered Arts in 2019.

AI researchers at Oxford University gave the robot her drawing intelligence.

Ai-Da painted author Mary Shelley


Ai-Da painted author Mary ShelleyCredit: Ai-Da Robot
The robot also painted this flower


The robot also painted this flowerCredit: Ai-Da Robot

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