Three genius iPhone tricks mean you'll never miss a notification again
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IF YOU always miss important notifications on your iPhone, then you need to try these three tricks.

Apple equips its iPhones with plenty of clever tools that can better the user experience.

Apple equips its iPhones with plenty of clever tools that can better the user experience


Apple equips its iPhones with plenty of clever tools that can better the user experienceCredit: Getty

That includes making sure you never miss important phone calls, text messages or social media notifications.

Here are three ways to ensure you get all of your notifications in a timely manner.

Turn on ‘Flash alerts’

Did you know you could set up the LED Flash for Alerts? This will turn your iPhone flashlight on whenever you have a notification.

To try this, go into your Settings app, then choose ‘Accessibility’.

Once there, tap on Audio/Visual and toggle LED Flash for Alerts.

If the bright lights get to be too annoying for you or those around, you can turn the feature off at any time.

Turn on Persistent Notifications

If you frequently clear the notifications on your home screen, then you may not see important messages.

Thankfully, there’s a way to counter this via the Persistent notification tool.

This feature makes sure messages stay in your notification center until they are tapped or swiped away. Here’s how.

First, open the Settings app then tap on Notifications.

Scroll down and select the app you’d like to set this up for and then tap on it.

Next, toggle Allow Notifications on – under Alerts, tap Banner Style then tap on ‘Persistent’.

Have Siri read them

It’s easy to miss notifications when you’re on the go.

And if you have headphones on, you’re more likely to ignore notifications and just focus on the task in front of you.

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However, there’s a way to get Siri to announce your phone calls and text messages when you have your earbuds in.

Simply head to Settings > Siri & Search > Announce Notifications, then turn on ‘Announce Notifications’.

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