Twitter brings out fake news policy as Elon Musk panics over bots and deal remains 'on hold'
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TWITTER is adding another layer to its information integrity protocol while the Elon Musk deal is under review.

The new policy is at odds with what would be expected if Musk owned the company.

Musk's acquisition is on pause while Twitter is issues new policies


Musk’s acquisition is on pause while Twitter is issues new policies

At the onset of the conflict in Ukraine new Twitter accounts were created en masse.

A study at the University of Indiana found “the number of newly created Twitter accounts almost tripled on the day Russia invaded Ukraine.”

The report is skeptical of the motives of the new accounts made during that time – researchers suspect loads of bad actors who intend to spread disinformation were part of the wave.

Executives at Twitter took precautions to flag misleading or false information about the war – and now that policy will apply to all content related to high-stakes crises.

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Going forward, information related to a crisis that is deemed misleading will not be amplified or recommended – unless Musk does acquire the company and reverse the policy.

But for now, a familiar label will be attached to the bad content: “This tweet violated the Twitter rules on sharing false or misleading info that might bring harm to crisis-affected populations.”

“However, to preserve this content for accountability purposes, Twitter has determined this tweet should remain available”.

The Independent reported that Twitter says their definition of a crisis is on par with the United Nations’ definition.

Twitter has inserted itself as a mediator between content consumers and producers before.

In 2020, Twitter mobilized to create a label that flags untrue claims about elections.

Musk has been vocal about his intention to rollback moderation policies and put an end to permanent bans – it’s doubtful that his top priority would be putting up more guard rails.

But the Musk acquisition is on the rocks as the two parties haggle over the volume of bots on the site.

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Twitter’s board is clutching the deal and wants to hold Musk to his $44billion dollar offer.

The trouble for Musk is piling on – a sexual misconduct scandal about his behavior on a SpaceX corporate jet broke earlier this week.

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